The key issues that a business should be aware of.

Redundancy selection pools

Key issues a business should consider.

Redundancy - alternative employment

The duty to look for alternative employment for a redundant employee

Managing poor performance

A summary of good management practices

Pregnancy and maternity related discrimination

Key points a business should be aware of.

Disciplinary procedure

The Code of Practice employers are required to follow.

Disability discrimination – reasonable adjustments

A summary of reasonable adjustments.

TUPE Transfers

A summary of the regulatory requirements.

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

Restrictive covenants in practice.

Hiring an Employee

The correct process.

Dismissing An Employee

Avoid pitfalls, follow the correct procedure.

TMT Documents

Our Technology/TMT Practice

An outline of our
Technology/TMT legal expertise and experience

Cloud Credentials

Frank Jennings cloud expertise

Leasehold Enfranchisement

Losing your entitlement to a new lease

An article published in News on the Block outlining when a tenant may lose their entitlement to a new lease

Banking and Financial Services Litigation

Swaps Litigation

A brief outline of Interest Rate Hedging Products and the mis-selling scandal